If you are a heavy-packer like most who prefer to always have options on vacation, who wants all the comforts and accessibility of their home at their disposal, and then ends up regretfully dragging along all their heavy luggages all over at the trip—here are a few tips we can give you to help you weed out unnecessary items and leave those literal extra baggages behind, while honing in on the essentials for a less stressful trip where you can comfortably move around:

Get Organized.

The main reason people tend to overpack is because they aren’t planning out their stuff against each activity in their itinerary. They just open their suitcase and stuff all the nice clothes they see in their closet up to the brim, and then stuff in a whole other set of clothes for “just-in-case something spills on me.” A tip from us is to imagine your itinerary from beginning to end as you pack; from the airport, to Day 1, Day 2, so on and so forth.

Organize accordingly using these space-saver Compression Packing Cubes that are also made with splash-proof material to ensure that if, in case, something spills inside your bag, your stuff remains dry.  

We also recommend trying out the Explora Safe luggage which is strategically designed to look compact and easy-to-carry-around, yet at the same time, surprisingly roomy enough with neat compartments to keep your stuff intact. Also! Did we already mention that no matter how much the pressure or weight you put on it, it goes back in shape by itself?

Make Space for New Things! 

Also, heavy packers always forget to leave room for shopping! Always make space for souvenirs, pasalubongs and some rare finds, so you wouldn’t stress out about baggage weight limits in the airport going back home. Get yourself one of these roomy and light-weight Wanderskye Shopping Bags, which is also helpful for when you tour around the city.

Prioritize Comfort.

Admit it, whenever we pack, we ultimately think of bringing items that will be Instagram-worthy. And yes, that’s totally okay! But that’s where we start to end up bringing those extra bulky rubber shoes, another whole bag of heavy jewelries and bulky cover-ups for options.

In travelling, comfort is always a luxury so never forget to prioritize bringing items that can help you feel at ease throughout the trip. For instance, if you are bound for long flights or long roadtrips sitting down,  these Wanderskye Compression Socks can be a great support in promoting healthy circulation and keeping cramps away from your legs.

With the physical demands of traveling, it is inevitable to to experience some body aches, here and there. But do not shrug it off to the point that it worsens and hinders you from enjoying the journey. Make sure to bring our Max Support Memory Foam Neck Pillow (now, with side sleeping use!) for those catnaps you steal in the airport, in the car and just everywhere.

And what we love about this one, is that it’s made of mesh texture to promote air circulation between the fabric and your skin, making your naps feel light and airy, just perfect for summer! 

Invest in Gadgets with Multiple Uses! 

Instead of bringing those messy extension cords, bulky electronics, multiple sets of plugs for different sockets, getting yourself this handy 4-in-1 Travel Adaptor will definitely save you all the hassle as it is easy-to-carry and is compatible worldwide with an AUS, UK, US and EU plug.

Always be Underwater-Ready! 

It’s a no-brainer to bring a Waterproof Phone Holder on beach trips. But we do recommend using this even when you’re just outdoors, strolling down the city or touring around historical sites, because you’ll never know when it will unpredictably rain. With this, you’d still be able to take great travel photos to post on the ‘gram, with your mind at ease that your beloved phone won’t get damaged.

Believe us, traveling light feels life-changing and helps you enjoy the trip more—feeling relaxed as you move from one beautiful view to another, being able to go for spontaneous activities because you don’t have much baggage to worry about and just staying fully present in the moment as you immerse yourself in new cultures, new people and new places. Truly, packing light gives you room for MORE.