Our Story

 Everyday Essentials

Whether you're on your daily commute, on a road trip or flying to a destination, each of Wanderskye's products is designed thoughtfully to make your journey seamless, protected and safe. 


Why we exist

We believe that every experience that takes you somewhere regardless of distance and purpose is considered a journey. As we venture out into a new world, we want to take the worry out of the equation by offering essential products that give you peace of mind and the security you deserve.

The product

Our focus comes from a place of authenticity, simplicity, and responsibility reflected in products designed for living and working well.

We're here with you

Through our commitment to quality and innovation, we guarantee that no matter what kind of journey you have in mind, whether you're planning a long-awaited excursion or running requisite errands around the neighbourhood - we'll outfit the journey with purpose-driven product built for your travels.


Designed for Your Everyday.

Creating smart everyday essentials that go with you daily. Travel is more than just about getting from point A to point B. It is a series of small and monumental experiences, each one holding special moments and meaning.