Planning your next trip can be quite tedious, knowing you'd need to consider a lot of things before deciding on your destination. One crucial factor that plays an important role in picking locations is safety — especially for female solo travelers.  

It's stressful, and we KNOW it! 

So, for Women's Month, challenge yourself with an even more daring travel list to celebrate being an empowered woman of this century!

Here's a list we've prepared for your next and possibly your BEST soul searching adventure ever:


Release your inner Viking as you connect with the land that once settled the strongest and most empowered women. The small Nordic island is known for its low crime rate, with it being ranked as the safest country by the Global Peace Index back in 2022. Have a swing at being social by going downtown to the city of Reykjavik to experience a night filled with music and chatter from friendly locals and other travelers. 

With its show-stopping scenery, don't miss out on the chance to bag countless soul-stirring adventures! Find that spark you've been searching for your entire life while under the northern lights at Lake Mývatn. Bring your Get Found Luggage Cover, and don't ever be afraid to get lost under the wonders of nature. 

New Zealand

Found in the southwestern Pacific is an island that awaits female travelers thirsting for a change in scenery. Do a roundtrip of the country as you get an on-hand experience of all that New Zealand has to offer.

In New Zealand, you can come across one of the most breathtaking views in the world, with glaciers, beaches, and fjords tucked away in corners anticipating to be found. 

Enjoy a picturesque view of the whitest sands at Maitai Bay and slowly breathe in the smell of saltwater. Don't forget to wear your Tropical Dream Fever one-piece as you relish your well-deserved getaway to paradise at the New Zealand Tropics. 


How about going local? You'd be surprised to know that Batanes has the lowest crime rate in the Philippines. They aren't known for their famous Honesty Coffee Shop in Ivana for nothing. Add a peaceful atmosphere to your morning brew, and you have a bona fide haven fit for introverts. 

As you hear your heels click-clack at every cobble step towards the Tayid Lighthouse, you'll soon be met with the peace you have been longing for quite some time. Once you reach the top, you'll forget the fatigue that got you there as you'll get to catch sight of a ton of jaw-dropping views from atop. Don't forget to apply your Magwai Reef-Safe Sunscreen when going on your trekking adventures! 


On the topic of trekking, how about trying hiking and camping? The land of the tastiest maple syrups is an absolute feast for female adventure junkies. The country offers countless hiking trails that could get you pumped with every ramble. Take the road less traveled, and find never-before-seen landscapes all on your own! 

Make your way to the bustling seaport in Vancouver, and enjoy small talks with some of the friendliest people in the world. Live in the moment and soak up Canada's multiculturalism. 

Be sure to prepare yourself for a whole night with nature! That's why pack yourself a Collapsible Cup to hold your liquids at your greatest convenience. And when the dawn cracks, and it's time to go home, your cup is one thing you don't have to worry about because it doesn't take up much space on your luggage. 


Traveling outside the country can really be expensive and way too stressful for first-time female travelers. Don't worry, there's still a lot more that home can offer. If you can't afford a trip to Batanes but still crave its tranquil surroundings, ready your bags and fly your way to an escapade of picture-perfect grasslands overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

Feel the breeze touch your skin as you tread the peaceful walkways in Catanduanes. Its vivid terrain and its undeniably beautiful slew of natural wonders and historical sites make it impossible for you to keep all the charges in your phone and camera in check. Before going on that Instagram dive, charge all your devices at the same time using the Cube Extension so you wouldn't have to worry about your gadgets not being able yo capture photos because of low battery!

So, how's this for a daring list? 

Being a woman can be difficult at times, but it's our experiences — may it be good or bad — are what defines us as women of this century. Chin up and continue walking the path you've made for yourself because it is yours and yours alone. Be proud, queen!

No matter where your journey takes you as a woman, you can rest assured Wanderskye is there to assist you with your travel essentials every step of the way.