Have you had your vaccinations yet? Here's why you should if you haven't already. 


Interzonal and Intrazonal Travel

    You may now easily travel to a location that falls under the same/different quarantine classification as your home.

    (This, of course, is contingent on the guidelines and exemptions set forth by the local government.)

    International Travel

      Without the requirement for swab test results or self-quarantine, you can book a flight and travel to your dream destination or favorite country.

      Certain tourism-dependent countries are reopening their doors. You can look up whether countries accept vaccination cards or certificates as proof of immunization for travel purposes. 

      Less expensive

        Vaccination, unlike swab or RT-PCR tests, is completely free. It is relatively inexpensive, especially for frequent travelers.

        Make a strong connection with your family and friends

          When you are fully vaccinated, you can spend time with your family and friends without fear of transferring or contracting the virus.

           Reduces economic impact

            With high vaccination rates, the virus's transmission will be slowed, and preventative measures like travel restrictions and bans will be avoided. This will aid in the recovery of our economy as more businesses and enterprises reopen.

            Protection of Individuals and Communities

              The threats can be there if you are an arriving passenger. Protect those who are vulnerable or who are unable to be vaccinated, such as the younger generation or sick persons.

              One’s own protection

              The vaccine can help you stay healthy and reduce your chances of getting sick or contracting a virus. You and your immune system deserve to be protected.

              We encourage everyone to get vaccinated in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones, as well as to be able to travel and experience the world, so that we can gradually restore life to what it was before the pandemic.