Face mask season is still on the rise, as it has been mandated for us to wear one EVERYWHERE we go. However, have you deemed how well a face mask can protect you and the people around you?

Whether you are wearing surgical or reusable face masks, containing any small particles or droplets can be improved by layering them up with face mask filters.

What is a face mask filter?

  • It is made of activated carbon and a non-woven melt blown filter cloth.
  • Has a 5-layer filtration that can effectively protect you from PM 2.5 or those tiny pollutant particles that are risky to anyone’s health when inhaled.


Face mask filters have a two to three day lifespan, meaning it can be reused. But, should be disposed of as they are not washable. They are also light, easy to attach, and are compatible with any face mask. 

Adding layers to your face mask is important as it can help stop any respiratory virus breathed out by others, or if you are sick, it can prevent the droplets from escaping. But, rather than just doubling up your face mask with another one, which by the way, can block air and is sometimes suffocating, use a face mask filter instead – for comfort and easier breathing.

Remember, the more layers, the better! Avail a pack of our Face Mask Filters on Wanderskye.