School break is over and going back to class is just around the corner! Have you had a chance to visit your favorite spot? Have you taken advantage of this time to develop new habits and to rest? We hope you had a great break because you'll be back in class in no time!

Face-to-face classes are not yet permitted, so students must take online or modular classes. Because of this, some of you may miss out on the fun of shopping for school supplies. You can still do so online! Beyond safer, it's easier and less stressful than having to wait in line to pay!

Do you have everything prepared? In case you forget something on your checklist, we've prepared a list of items for you.

1.) Clean Zip Pouch

Pens, sticky notes, pencils, crayons, USB flash drives, etc. can be stored in the Clean Zip Pouch. Clutter-busting is a great use for it!

2.) Multi-Purpose Organizer

It's all-in-one! You'll love it if you're a little OCD, as it comes with multiple mesh slips and zips for storage space. Perfect for keeping things organized.

3.) Wandpen

The most important tool in your student life! Wandpen is a multi-purpose pen. No need to touch anything because it comes with a stylus. Alternatively, it can be used as a phone holder. So magical, don't you think?

4.) Notebook

Pens without notebooks are worthless, as are notebooks without pens. You need a notebook, whether it's for taking notes (even in online classes), planning, scheduling, or drafting! We have cute notebooks that you can use in class as well.

5.) Back Pillow Memory Foam

So we understand what it's like to sit for hours on end! That kind of stuff can create back pain, and we don't want to be distracted by it when studying. As a result of prolonged periods of sitting, a Back Pillow Memory Foam can alleviate a variety of discomforts, including incorrect posture and other major unfavorable conditions.


Because water is essential! There's no need to leave class every few minutes to get a drink. Our collapsible cup is made from sustainable materials. Hydrate and save the earth!


Atmos Air purifier keeps your space safe and clean. You'll be more motivated to study if your environment is clean.

Has this been helpful to you? That’s what we’re hoping for! Wanderskye is always on your side, no matter what!

It is important to take into account a number of factors before getting ready for class. As important as supplies are, mental and physical preparation is equally important. Classes taken online and in modules have made it difficult to focus, especially since you're studying from home. Even at home, however, we hope you can maintain a healthy balance between your studies and other activities. Students, best of luck with your studies!

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