What this pandemic has done to us all is alter our normal activities. For a time, we didn’t understand what was going on, and we lived in fear that things would never be the same again. The good news is that despite all the craziness, there is still life to enjoy. Things to do, especially during a long weekend.

Did we mention that it was a long weekend? Yes! A lot of options exist for how we can spend it without jeopardizing our well-being. If we don't want to worry about something we can't control, why not utilize this opportunity to safely have fun?

Our selection of safe ways to spend the long weekend is here for you to check out.

Binge-watching/Movie marathon
Indeed, seeing your favorite movies on a big screen gives so many feels. How about putting up a projector, preparing snacks and drinks, or even making your popcorn so you can watch your favorite episodes and movies on Netflix and HBO GO?

Ensure that your bedroom or living room is clean before you begin. It is possible for germs and microorganisms to infest even our own home. By employing air purifiers like the Atmos Air Purifier, you'll be able to eliminate them. Now, enjoy the show!


Engage in some form of meditation or yoga
As we all know, getting sick in this day and age may be a real challenge. Our physical well-being is equally vital, therefore we should do our best to be healthy. Try meditation or yoga if you're not a fan of strenuous exercise. It is possible to cultivate a healthy mentality and body in this way. 

As a starting point, you may want to watch our Wanderactive video. Simply put, it's a breeze to do. Just remember to bring your yoga mat.

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Begin by reading
Why not start reading right now if you haven't already? For a moment like this, it's crucial to nourish our minds and stay sane. Aside from learning, reading can be a means to escape reality.

Reading on your patio, veranda, or garden can feel quite good and relaxing as well, or even better, reading outdoors such as in parks and other areas with an open space. Just make sure you are local guidelines from your local authorities regarding going and staying in outdoor spaces. Also, reading can be made fun if you have your favorite drinks at hand! If you do this, remember to keep your mask on. How about the SipSafe mask?


Clearing your home of unwanted items
We've said it a lot! This is especially true in these chaotic times. It's a great opportunity for you to declutter and organize everything in your house. Put things in order and get rid of anything that isn't needed. 

That's when a pouch like our Zip Clean Pouch might come in handy!

Hope this has been helpful! It's even better if you've got other ideas in mind. On a long weekend, we can do a lot of different things. We can be creative, industrious, and even procrastinate - just getting enough sleep is something to look forward to, right? It doesn't matter what you choose to do, just make sure it's safe! We’re always here for you, Wanderers!