Whether we like it or not, face masks have already become a part of our lives, and many have found ways to accessorize them. You don’t want to look boring and ruin your OOTD, do you? Hence, the trend of face mask laces and lanyards. 
If you’re a person who tends to lose their mask, or you just want to save yourself from the trouble of rummaging your purse for keeping it, we have the perfect accessory for you!
We are pleased to share with you our new collection: The Precious Collection.
A lightweight alloy chain multi-way accessory, that  can be used with your specs, be worn as a necklace, and even as a bracelet. 
You can also choose from its unique colors to match your outfit (whenever you feel inclined!), and achieve that sophisticated look! 
What’s good though? The set comes with a chain with a claw lock and a pair of rubber loops for your eyewear. 
Check out the different mask lace below, and choose which suits you best!
Keep it classy with our Precious Pearl lace mask. 
Precious Gold would be a wise choice whenever you feel like rocking your business attire, or getting dolled-up for an occasion.
Radiate good vibes with the full-spectrum face mask lace, Precious Rainbow. I mean, Ootds shuld be fun tooo! 
Because black never goes out of style and matches anything!

Sport that basic, laid-back outfit, and still look fashionable with Precious Day.

Not least of all, our Precious Infinity – the epitome of sophistication. Add a dose of fancy poise to your face masks with this lace!

   We have come up with this collection to help make you feel more comfortable when wearing your face masks, and still slay your look wherever you go – running errands, on your way to work, going on a trip, and even just staying at home! This will also help lower the risk of face masks contamination, and you won’t have to worry about where you place. Just wear it around your neck then you’re all set!

Don’t miss out on this product and head on to Wanderskye!