There are countless ways to make sure that you are still active whilst at home, but we surely miss the great outdoors! Since this pandemic started we tried to limit going outside because of the risk. We understand your frustration and we heard you!


Atmos Face Mask with Cooling Fan System is here.  
It’s time for you to Breathe Easy with our newest mask that helps you keep up with your physical activities. 


What makes Atmos Face Mask different?
Disposable KN95 filters
Helps trap the airborne particles, protects yourself and the people around you.
Built-In Cooling Fan System
Breathe easy even while working out as it’s attached to a cooling fan. No need to take your mask off to catch some air after a heavy activity.  The cooling fan can be detached while charging.. 
Adjustable Earloops
Worry not about the mask size because it has adjustable earloops. Wear your mask comfortably.
(Only comes in Adult size)
As we age, it is important to stay healthy, even without the virus. We can help boost our immune system, and reduce the risk of having diseases by staying active and fit. With Atmos Face Mask, we can ensure you to build a safer healthier lifestyle.
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