We can all agree that one can’t leave their house without face masks, especially these days. Whether we like it or not, we're stuck with it until all of this is over.

What’s tricky is finding a face mask that will keep all your worries away! Maskne-free, breathable, comprehensive yet fashionable? We have the perfect solution for that.

Mulberry Silk Mask is known for its fabric that repels water or droplets, thus helping to reduce the chance of a virus spreading. It is breathable, and can be adjusted to fit your face perfectly. 

Meanwhile, for those who are suffering with maskne, you may want to try wearing a silk mask as they are gentle on the skin. Besides the double protection it can give when you are outside, you won’t need to worry about skin problems, and still be confident when you take off your mask.

We don’t want to ruin your OOTD, and still want you to look stylish even with half of your face covered. Unlike ordinary surgical masks or any face masks, Mulberry Silk Masks can be worn with any outfit – corporate attire, basic or even formal clothing, but still give off that sophisticated and luxurious vibes.

Wear the Silk Mask on top or over your face mask for double protection.

Lessen the inevitable stress and fear this pandemic has caused us, and get yourself a Silk Mask now!

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