Father’s Day is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to thank him! This is why we have prepared a list of gifts he might just love. You know, our Dads like presents too!

Business Traveler Dad
For the Dads who have to travel extensively for work or business.

Business Travel Essentials




1. Space Saver Bag

Yep, no more cluttered stuff! He can find anything that he needs easily because most men have the littlest of patience and are sometimes disorganized. 

2. Bag Tag
They also get confused over the smallest things. Help him spot his bag quicker than a lighting speed with our bag tag. 

3.Matte Clear Luggage Bag Spandex
Our Clear Matte Luggage Spandex is very simple, but can help keep his luggage intact and protected from stains and dirt.

4. RFID data guard
Even if he’s away, we’ll know his cards and papers – and so is he – are safe with the RFID Data Guard.

5.Digital weighing scale compact
Save him from the stress of carrying overweight luggage bags before heading to the airport. The Digital Weighing Scale can be his helping hand.

6. RFID Passport Cover
Pen? Passport? IDs and cards? Even his cash can be kept here, and it’s wallet size! He can keep this in his pocket containing everything that he needs, and take them out so easily. 

7. Travel Lock
Safety first! Protect his luggage bags from theft with a travel lock. It’s easy to use and remove. It also has a convenient setting, your Dad won’t have a hard time unlocking and blocking.

8. Neck Pillow with Hoodie
Let him have a safe and sound flight. Neck Pillow with hoodie is built-in with earplugs that can block unnecessary noise; a built-in hoodie which is big enough to cover his eyes; made with high-quality foam for a more comfortable neck support.

9. Reversible Luggage Cover
Now, this is cool! He has many designs to choose from our eco-friendly Reversible Luggage cover which can help him spot his luggage bag easily. 

Even the health-conscious ones need more protection and some of your dads like to stay active.

Everyday Essentials

1. Atmos Mask
Working out with friends? Going on a heavy activity outside? We got them! Atmos Mask is built-in with a cooling fan – no taking the mask off to catch some air!

2. Anti-Theft Cable
If he tends to leave his things, he won’t have to worry about them missing and can get back to them safely with the anti-theft cable.

3. Touchless Hand Extension
The touchless hand extension can be used instead of his hands when he has to make contact with any surfaces. Keep him protected always!

For the dads out there who take work in a flexible workplace.

Digital Needs

1. Brave Nomad Adventure Backpack
Now, he can take his laptop with him among other things. Brave Nomad Adventure Backpack has compression zippers and expandable side-strap to carry what he needs and then some!

2. Minimalist Luggage Cover
It’s that gentleman aura! Some men like to keep it minimal – still, he can spot his belongings quickly and easily when it has the Minimalist Luggage cover on it.

3. Premium Eye Mask 
We know how tiring it can get working out there! He deserves a decent sleep. Our Premium Eye Mask is made with a specially contoured design and a total black out cushion.

4. Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Best paired with a premium eye mask! Don’t wait until he gets a stiff neck or complains about his head-banging when sleeping anywhere.

5. Notebook
Well, he might need something he can write his notes on when he’s not on his laptop or desktop. 

6. Wandpen
If he’s looking for a pen that can also be used as a phone stand? Wandpen is the one! Keep him from borrowing someone else’s pen and avoid any contact!

7. Sip Safe Mask
Working while sipping on his coffee? We made it possible. If you haven’t heard of the SipSafe Mask fuss, now is the time! He won’t need to hide in the car to sip on his favorite beverage or take his mask off outside – he can just do both!

Some of us have this kind of dad – the jack of all trades!

1. Face Mask Lace
When your dad is forgetful, he can lose his mask anywhere! Get him to wear it around his neck and be safe from the virus with the face mask lace. Easy peasy

2. RFID Neck Wallet
Does your dad hate carrying bags or purses but has no idea where to keep his stuff? Perfect! The RFID Neck Wallet can be worn over or under his clothes.

3. RFID Waist Pouch
Or does he like to look cool and bagets? RFID Waist Pouch can hold his credit cards, cash, and phone altogether. It can also be hidden under his shirt. You know, we like him safe!

4. Copper Knit Mask
We can make him look cool and safe at the same time! Our Copper Knit Mask has a filter pocket for double protection. Its earloops are adjustable too! Prevent him from behind-the-ear irritation!

5. Face Mask Case
Don’t let him put his face mask just anywhere, and help prevent cross-contamination. Get him this compact face mask case!
Too often, our Dads are known to be the strongest person in the family, but they need caring and protection too. Thank him by telling how much you love him, take him out to his favorite restaurant, write him a letter, or treat him with a little present! Check out the listed items here on Wanderskye.