One of the most awaited seasons in the Philippines is finally here! Summertime is the perfect season for fun, traveling, and making new memories with friends and loved ones! And as the situation around us starts to normalize again, going on a trip this season is a great way to destress and get away — at least for a day or two— from the pressures of every day!

While going on road trips may seem tiring because they can be long, the destination and new memories will be so worth it! So we've compiled a list of essentials we believe could help you maximize your travels and help you have a good time on the road!


Going on trips means bringing a few things — including small items — and what better way to keep them all in one place than with a functional organizer? Look no further as Wanderskye's Multi-purpose organizer can help you store your small essentials so taking them out when you need them is easy peasy!


With this RFID pouch, you'll never have to worry about losing your cash, cards, or keys again. With multiple compartments, you will no longer need to rummage through your backpack to find your cash and ATM cards if you make a pit stop for food. Plus it helps keep your valuables safe with its anti-theft technology!


Long road trips can sometimes make you tired and drowsy so it's always a good idea to pack an eye mask and get some shut-eye before you arrive at your destination.

Now here's something for a complete shut-eye relaxation on the road! Squeeze in an hour or two of some well-deserved nap on the way with our Hoodie Neck Pillow with Ear Plugs — with a hoodie big enough to cover your eyes and built-in earplugs to block out noise for a more comfortable sleep, giving you more energy
 to do and enjoy the things you've planned for the day!


Travel worry-free with the help of our TSA key locks! Very simple to use and easy to carry with you, these can help secure your valuables wherever your trip takes you.


Even if things seem to be returning to normal already, it does not mean that you should leave your home unprotected. Keep the virus at bay by always wearing a face mask! We've got several designs perfect to mix and match with your travel OOTDs!


Here's something to keep you extra safe! Bring with you one of Wanderskye's Personal Air Purifiers to add another layer of defense against viruses!

Remember that the road to your destination is just as important as the destination itself so it pays to make sure it's as relaxing and secure as possible! Wherever your next trip is, make it worry-free and memorable with Wanderkye.

 If you don't see what you're looking for on this list, take a look at our other road trip and travel essentials for a wide variety of other necessities.