Every year, Filipinos commemorate the passion of  Jesus Christ and celebrate all His deeds for a whole week known as the Holy Week. This practice has been around for the longest time and has allowed people to devote themselves solely to Christ's death and resurrection as well as to reflect as individuals for Christ.

The Holy Week is an important and sacred reminder of His sacrifice and love for His people. It begins with Palm Sunday, where we commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem and concludes on Easter Sunday where He resurrected and came back to life.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, observing the Holy Week may entail a few changes for us this year. Going through the traditional methods of celebrating our faith should still be done as safely as possible despite most cities being put under just Alert Level 1.


Most Filipinos spend the Holy Week either at their homes or somewhere they can relax and reflect on Jesus and their lives. It serves as a chance for them to take a step back, away from their hectic school or work schedules, and take a breather to thank and celebrate Him.

Whether you’re planning to observe the Holy Week at home or are planning to go on a retreat, we’ve put together a few ideas for you to make the most out of your week:

1. Watch Lenten Season Films

Even while at home, you can observe the Holy Week by watching moving films about it. Strengthen your faith by understanding better why we celebrate this sacred week and make sure to reflect afterwards or open conversations about it with your family.

2. Go On a Trip

Some people choose to spend their Holy Week at the beach in an attempt to lift their spirits and find healing by being one with nature. Others travel outside of town to learn about other cultures and ways of life, including how they celebrate this solemn week.

3. Have a Staycation

If you’re thinking of using this week to spend some quality time with your loved ones, a staycation may be a good idea! You can bond with your family over a delicious meal, by the pool, or by simply being together, letting your mind and body rest while in the company of people you love.

 4. Prepare Lunch or Dinner at Home

This is an excellent opportunity to catch up with everyone in your family over a delicious home-cooked lunch or dinner and get to know each other better as a family. You’ll also have the opportunity to open conversations about life and its meaning. Starting with a prayer also helps as you can express your gratitude together as a family!

5. Visit Churches

What better way to observe the sacred week than by being one with Him through His churches, right? You can devote your time to visiting new churches and saying a prayer or two with your family or even friends.

6. Go Trekking or Hiking

Although it may not sound like your usual Holy Week activity, hiking the mountains is an excellent way to commemorate the week leading up to Easter. Relax your mind by taking in the splendor of nature, embracing its raw beauty and quiet, just like how He intended it to be.

It is our hope that this Holy Week will bring a sense of renewal to everyone, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. As we move forward in life, let us use this as an opportunity to reflect on our actions and build our faith. 

However you want to observe the Holy Week, make sure to stay safe and protected from Covid-19. Always have your essentials such as face masks, sanitizers, and air purifiers with you whether you are at home or traveling. 

Have a safe and meaningful Holy Week, Wanderers!