Every woman's accomplishment can be attributed to her unwavering commitment to succeed, all while challenging gender stereotypes and demonstrating that every woman is worthy of respect in all of society.

Women who take charge of their own lives and know what they want and pursue it relentlessly definitely deserve recognition. And in honor of Women's Month, we're celebrating all women, but especially the brain and heart of Wandersyke, Bianca Laranaga.


It was watching her parents run their business when she was a child that served as an inspiration for her career success. As a little girl, she sold chips and Milo drinks to their company's employees and residents and that started the spark that ignited her whole entrepreneurial spirit.

A mother, a CEO, and a co-founder of multiple brands like Wanderskye, Every Corner, and One Hundred Ways in the Philippines, Bianca is currently living in the island of Boracay with her family and enjoying life to the fullest while fulfilling multiple duties as a mompreneur and wife.


"I'm grateful for Wanderskye's systems, processes, and great team as it allows me to still spend time with my family."

The majority of her day is spent responding to emails, attending meetings, and ticking tasks from her to-do list. The remainder of her day is spent relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun's rays with her family. 

When it comes to new products, she works hand in hand with her husband who leads their product development team and whom she describes as very inventive. He travels monthly to gather new ideas for products and observes the demands of the travel (and new normal!) industry. Aside from providing innovative and in-demand items, Bianca also believes that maintaining good relationships with suppliers and collaborating with their team members, who they also call Travel Ambassadors, are also a must for success. 


Starting something will take time and will be a tough ride, but Bianca's advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs or girl bosses is to just do it. Never be afraid to act on an idea you have as each of us has the potential to be just as dynamic and as successful as long we remember that tough times do not last and there will always be people rallying behind you.

Her story, along with the hundreds and thousands of stories from other empowered women, proves that you can accomplish great things when you have a strong vision, a loving support system, and a well-trained team working hand in hand with you.

Here's to all the lady bosses out there! Happy International Women's Month!