This prolonged period of telecommuting has some of us thinking of ways to elevate our working environment. It’s been said that the way your workspace looks can affect your job performance, and we couldn’t agree more! That is why we have made a list of things you need to help deck out your monotonous working space. 


The most common! We all need a sturdy support system that can hold all the stuff we need while working -- this may include high-end heavy-duty gadgets to traditional writing materials. Whether you prefer a desk with multiple pull-out panels or just a small minimalist computer desk, you’ll have to have one sturdy table that you can lean on, literally!



Choose a chair that will help you work comfortably. And by that, we meant your chair needs to be light, has adjustable height, has lumbar support, and can be moved around swiftly. Right, ergonomic chairs are all-in-one.  It really makes so much difference so you also avoid back pains or other discomforts unlike with other office chairs.





It’s such a booster when you can work and breathe in cleaner air. Air purifier kills germs and traps bacteria so your mind is at ease as you can work peacefully.



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Even our wrist can suffer from pain or injuries too. Besides hovering the mouse with proper posture, a mouse pad with a wrist rest can help prevent those injuries in the future.



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Cool light colors such as white and blue are perfect for an office set-up. The right lighting can keep you energized, more focused, and get creative! Don’t use dim lights as it can tire your eyes and affect your mood.



Sanitize before you touch anything! If you’re looking for a sanitizer that smells good and is not too strong, you can purchase a sanitizing mist instead of just alcohol. Sanitizing mist is gentle for the skin and can be used on any surface too!



Now, we have come down to this! Let’s get rid of your dull-looking workspace. Apart from the plant, canvas prints can inspire and motivate you. It can also heighten the relaxing environment ambiance you have built.



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Write down ideas, reminders, and important details on your sticky notes! Instead of yanking off a page from your notebook, use sticky notes. They are light, small, and are easy to place anywhere. You can even stick them to your forehead in case you get bored 😅




You might just have OCD! Or you just want your stuff organized. Save your desk from cluttered office materials like your pens, sticky notes, and the likes by using a pouch that’s compact, space saver, and is clean like the Clean Zip Pouch.



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Unleash your inner plantito/plantita by decorating your workspace with indoor plants! Don’t underestimate the benefits of having indoor plants in your workspace. They help reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence rates, make your workspace attractive, clean air, reduce noise levels, and can boost creativity.

These are just a few of the essentials to think about when decorating your own workspace. Anything else that you wish to add like shelves, calendars, bins, a lamp and cool materials are up to your liking! Remember to consider what can help boost your mood, keep you focused, and inspire you to perform your task well before purchasing your workspace items.