EXPLORA LUGGAGE COLLECTION: Your Luggage for Life's Adventures

Being part of your adventures is an honor we enjoy in the same way that you enjoy exploring the world. As more opportunities for travel are opening, we want to keep up with your ever-changing needs and provide you with products that can make your next trip one for the books.

Packing for trips, while it can be considered a chore, can also be fun and simpler if you have the right tools with you. It doesn't just end with you being able to fit your whole closet (or your life) into one suitcase, but it includes being able to explore the world in comfort and in style with all your essentials in tow.

So think luggage, but even better: prepare for new adventures with stylish, heavy-duty luggage made with the traveler in mind — The Wanderskye Explora Luggage Collection.



The Explora Luggage Collection is your newest traveling companion made for life's adventures. These items of luggage come in 2 variations — Explora Max and Explora Safe, both of which are made of 100% polypropylene, making them a far cry from your typical luggage.

It has specially designed shock-absorbing wheels that keep your luggage from moving around on rough ground, and it features 360-degree double wheels perfect for gliding smoothly into your next adventure.

They also come with TSA combination locks and telescopic aluminum push handles for that extra accessibility and security every Wanderer needs.

Built-in drop pockets and cross-packing straps are in place to help keep your essentials safely packed and secured.

The Explora Safe has Duosaf Security Zippers for another layer of security and a premium mesh while the Explora Max expands to approximately 5cm wide.

Wanderskye's Explora Luggage Collection isn't just your average case of travel goods. They come in three sizes — Small (20in), Medium (24in), and Large (28in) perfect for quick or long travels and are also available in three fun and premium colors — Black, Pink, and Dark Blue — to match your every mood and style.

Packing with the Explora Luggage means one less thing to worry about on your next trip so make sure to check them out at https://www.wanderskye.com/collections/wanderskye-explora-luggage. 

See you on your next travels!