With the election just a few days away, it is best to prepare ahead of time everything that you'll need for this important day. While knowing what to bring and do is important, practicing safety as you cast your vote is just as essential, especially during this pandemic.

We've rounded up a few reminders for voters who will be practicing their right of suffrage on the election day this Monday, May 9 so that you can vote safely in light of the current pandemic:

  • Wear your face mask.
  • Even though restrictions have been relaxed, face masks still help keep us us safe from the virus. Especially on Monday when thousands and thousands of people will be showing up to vote, we should not forget to wear our face masks to protect ourselves and others.

  • Keep a safe distance from other voters.
  •  While social distancing may no longer be as strictly implemented in some cases and establishments, you can always maintain a safe distance from people you don't know, so that you and your loved ones are safe.

  • Bring your own alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  • Washing and sanitizing our hands have been a staple part of our daily pandemic routine and should be implemented even more when we go out on May 9. We should always wash our hands or sanitize with our own sanitizer or alcohol to disinfect our hands, especially after every contact or interaction we have.

  • Use your own pen.
  • While there will be a pen or marker available for you to use when you cast your ballot, bringing your own pen wouldn't hurt just in case you need it. Just make sure not to lend it out to anyone else!

  • Bring your own water with you.
  • A long queue and waiting time are to be expected, so a bottle of water is necessary to keep you hydrated especially in these hot, summer times.

    Wanderskye urges everyone to cast an informed vote — to elect the appropriate leaders that can help shape the future of this country and our fellow countrymen! 

    Let us come together and make this country a better and safer place — one vote at a time.