Gone were the days when packing for your travels meant bringing plain, old, and boring backpacks or pieces of luggage. In this day and time, showing off a bit of your personality and style in your belongings — yes, luggage included — is a common practice widely loved! 

And with Wanderskye, traveling in style is made even more fun and personalized with our wide selection of Luggage Covers for every personality and your every mood!

We believe that each of us has a unique personality and set of characteristics that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd and we love helping you showcase that to the world. So in case you haven't seen our Luggage Cover collection yet, scroll down to get a glimpse at some of the designs available! ;)

Elegance and refinement, you ask? Here's one you'll love! This Matte Clear Luggage Cover goes basically with everything!

Map of the Philippines (cartographed by Ivan Despi)

If you're a proud Filipino and can't help but show it to the world, this Map of the Philippines Luggage Cover is a great way to flaunt your patriotism! 

Travel Stamps (designed by Raxenne Maniquiz) / Travel Journal (designed by Anina Rubio)
Seasoned travelers who have visited a lot of countries would definitely love this Travel Stamps Luggage Cover!

Gentleman (designed by Dan Fajardo)

It exudes masculinity and is a fitting symbol of gentlemanly virtue. The Gentleman Luggage Cover is sure to be a hit with the group.

Landmarks (designed by Erick Dizon)

Do simplicity and minimalism appeal to you? Score this iconic luggage cover that expresses your love for travel in the most straightforward (but still stylish) way.

Tropical Dream Fever (designed by Raxenne Maniquiz)

Are you a fan of warm weather and vacationing in the tropics? This Tropical Dream Fever Luggage Cover would look perfect on your next beach trip!

Get Found (designed by Jobi Gutierrez) / Waiting Haven (designed by Risa Rodil) / Where to Next (designed by Drea Dizon)

Now, these scream "I'm a loud and proud Wanderer!" What do you think of these luggage covers?

Cheeky Chikas (designed by Neon Island)

Just a confident woman who enjoys seeing the globe and showing off her independence by doing things she loves? Then the Chikas Luggage Cover is the perfect finishing touch to your girls-just-wanna-have-fun ensemble!

Here's a bonus: Our luggage covers aren't just there to make your luggage look good — they're also designed to protect your travel bags from damages like scratches, dust, and liquids. What design are you bringing in your next trip? 

Check out other Luggage Cover designs here: https://www.wanderskye.com/collections/luggage-cover and let's get traveling!