Essentials for a Safe and Secure Travel

Going to a foreign city or a country for the first time may sometimes include a few worries here and there. Understandably so, being in a new place unfamiliar to you would increase your instinct to be even more cautious and observant of your surroundings.

Luckily, there are a few items and tips that can help make your trip as secure and safe as possible so you can enjoy it with fewer worries and more fun. To help you avoid becoming a victim of unfortunate events, we've compiled a list of must-have items for your travels, as well as some safety tips you can keep in mind.

  • Do your research.
  • Researching the place you're going to, its culture, and its level of safety is essential for any journey, domestic or foreign, so that you may be ready and safeguard both yourself and all of your stuff. Remember: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. *wink*

  • Bring extra copies of your paperwork and keep them safe.
  • Create additional copies of your documents in case your originals get misplaced at any point in your trip. Keeping a digital copy is also a good idea so you can have access to them whenever needed.

  • Keep an eye out and be observant.
  • It's natural for us to be amazed and amused by the places we visit. However, being extra vigilant wouldn't hurt and can save you tons, in case needed!

  • Make sure to have a list of emergency contact numbers.
  • Having a list of emergency contacts on hand is one of the fundamental travel principles. It is crucial to have access to those numbers in case the circumstances require it.

  • Use RFID-blocking accessories and security essentials.
  • There are tons of travel items that can serve as added protection for you and your belongings. Keep reading to find out a list of our favorites.

    RFID-blocking wallet

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    Being able to access all your cash, cards, IDs easily is a must when traveling as trips usually entail you to shell out payments. Wanderskye's RFID-blocking wallet is extremely useful to keep your cards and documents protected against illegal skimming and fits easily into your pocket or bag.

    RFID Waist Pouch

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    Think wallet, but bigger! The RFID waist pouch can store more items and is RFID lined for safety and protection. It may be a bit bigger than the RFID wallet but is flat and lightweight enough to be worn over or under clothes.

    RFID Neck Wallet

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    The RFID neck wallet is the best option if you want a pouch that you can wear around your neck and even under your clothes! Provided with RFID-blocking material to keep your information secured, this anti-theft bag can carry items such as cash, cards, and even your passport.

    Bag Tag

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    It is no secret that sometimes, bags get misplaced or are mistaken by other passengers as theirs. Similar bags may be carried by other travelers, so it's important to identify yours with a bag tag that includes your contact information in case it gets misplaced (which we hope wouldn't happen).

    RFID Data Guard

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    If you don't want to switch up your wallet or trusty pouch, you can use Wanderskye's RFID data guard to shield your valuable cards or papers from unauthorized skimming. Simply fit the cards into your wallet's card slots and you're all protected!

    Travel Lock

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    TSA-approved travel locks protect your belongings from theft, tampering, and misuse. Luggage locks such as these are a must for travelers!

    Now you're all set. Remember that a safe and secure journey is a happy and fun memory in the making. We hope this will be useful to you on your next trip.

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