No rain can ever stop a true Wanderer from taking that long-awaited vacation. But getting ready for the cold, wet season may feel like more work than usual, given there are a few considerations you have to keep in mind when preparing!

So, we've put together a list of some Wanderskye travel essentials that will come in handy during your trip:

Luggage Cover 

While a little drizzle may not be alarming, protecting your belongings in the midst of a downpour can save you from the hassle a wet suitcase (and essentials!) can bring. And this is where a luggage cover comes in handy!

Aside from being stylish and sleek, luggage covers help extend the life of your suitcases by protecting them from dirt, stains, scratches, and even rain! Wanderskye offers a wide array of designs and our best-sellers are back in stock! Get your next Luggage Cover here.

Backpack Cover


Totes need the same level of TLC we want for our suitcases. So if you're a backpacker who carries his essentials on his back, you can focus on your adventure whether it rains or shines, knowing that your backpack is all protected — thanks to Wanderskye's backpack cover. Check them out here.

RFID Passport Cover

Your passport is one of the (or probably the most!) most valuable documents you can bring with you on your travels and deserves all the protection it can get. With a Wanderskye passport cover, you can make sure that you have with you all your travel papers that you will need as you go along your adventure while keeping them dry and protected, thanks to added features like its RFID blocking!

Laptop Sleeve with Stand

Here's something for the Digital Nomads: A laptop sleeve that can protect your work computer and also doubles as a stand so you can have a portable workstation wherever the winds take you! 

Digital Nomad Backpack

For the more adventurous don't-care-about-the-rain Wanderer, a bag made from waterproof high-density woolenex nylon like the Digital Nomad Backpack is a perfect choice. It holds up well against the wet season and is ideal for both short and long trips as it can hold more of your essentials than you can imagine! 

Now you no longer have to fear drizzles and downpours the next time you travel. As long as you're prepared with the appropriate footwear, clothing, and travel essentials, your adventure will be nothing less than amazing! Just make sure to double-check your destination to confirm it's safe to travel amidst the rains!

Stay safe and dry, Wanderers!