One can never go on vacation and not take snaps and clips of special moments on camera as keepsakes for the future. Besides, we should never take anything from our destinations but memories aka pictures, right? Just imagine returning from a trip with no photos to remind you of what you saw or experienced there — that's definitely no fun!

While shooting photos has been made more accessible to almost everyone. thanks to technology, capturing perfect moments may prove to be difficult at times. We definitely want to be able to capture not just sceneries but emotions in photos without the need for professional or high-end cameras. No need to fret, Wanderers, because we've rounded up some tips and tricks to help you take stunning and memorable photos from your trip!

  • Your camera doesn't have to be the latest model.
  • Although DLSR cameras with high-quality lenses are ideal, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get decent images. Using the camera on your phone is perfect as most mobile phones are equipped with camera specs that can take good-quality photos.

  • Find the best spots/elements.
  • The perfect location or backdrop for your photo could literally be anywhere and anything. It all boils down to what you find artistic and scene-worthy. The perfect photo composition (or everything you see in the photo) may not only be you, but can also the environment, including the street, visuals of food, buildings, homes, and people. Capturing all these different elements will make your trip one you'll never forget! 

    Details like streets, buildings, museums, rock formations, and landmarks also give your photos a distinct and individual feel.

  • Good lighting is key.
  • Natural lighting is very ideal especially when traveling outdoors as it gives just the most surreal effect to your photos, sometimes even making them appear so sharp and unrealistic as if you're viewing them with filters.

    Some other nice touches can also be sunrises and sunsets, which emphasize the sky's natural colors. 

  • Capture candid moments.
  • While everyone's default poses for photos has always been a smile, have you ever attempted to snap candid photos? They show real and raw emotions that are very heartwarming to look back at.

  • Capture photos through another person's POV
  • With a trusty gadget and tripod, you can achieve more artistic shots as you travel. Set-up your tripod or ask the locals to take photos of you. It would be preferable if the scenery was included. You may request that they take shots from a higher, farther, or panoramic perspective for a breathtaking result that speaks more than the usual framing.

  • Taking photos with your travel items
  • Taking pictures with your travel accessories in an airport, close to the plane, in your hotel, or with your favorite stuff is now a thing, if not the trendiest thing to do. It aims to document everything about your travel, including the moment you step into the airport or hotel to start your adventures. They can also be cute little moments perfect for posting on your socials.

    When snapping images while on vacation, keep these simple tips in mind so you can capture the best memories and look back at them at any time. You don't have to worry so much about taking perfect shots though as raw and real photos give a more human touch — and you'd want to enjoy more than worry if you were able to capture the shot!