Apparently, the older we get, the busier life becomes. It sometimes seems that we have so much on our plates that we tend to overlook the little things and some stuff (even life) become a little bit disorganized. No worries! We are here to help you with that.


Say no to messy areas with our reusable Clean Zip Pouch where you can store any items (food and non-food), and is a great space-saver wherever you put it – the kitchen, fridge, dresser or even in your bag.

Going out? Bring your essentials and keep them tucked in one place.

This pouch is made with 100% pure silicone. It is reusable, and is eco-friendly which makes it so much better than any plastic zip bags. You can just sanitize it and it's good to go!

What can be stored



 Business owners love using this pouch since it can store any ingredient and avoid food spoilage. Plus, you can reheat left-overs straight to the microwave!


 So you can easily disinfect anytime and anywhere.

Travel Essentials

Have easy-access to your passport, phone chargers, and adapters.

Skin-care products

No need to leave your favorite skin-care sets at home anymore! Just store them in a Clean Zip Pouch without any hassle.

Tidy up your stuff and spot them easily with our Clean Zip Pouch! Hurry and grab yours now at Collection: Clean Zip Pouch | Silicone Storage Pouch - Wanderskye.