Wanderskye's goal has always been to be able to equip you with all the necessities for your daily lives and travels. The world as we know it has shifted, and so has your needs.

As we enter another month into the pandemic, we've rounded up a list of the newest additions to Wanderskye to join you in your journeys wherever they may be!


Shop the Gadget Cleaning Pen here.

Cleaning small and dirt-prone items like earphones, charger holes, and keyboard keys is tedious. Why don't you give our pen for cleaning gadgets a try? Keeping your gadgets clean has never been this easy, thanks to this three-in-one device! 


Shop the Portable Gadget Lamp here.

Using your computer or any gadget at night while working or studying can strain your eyes. In order to remedy this, we've created the Wanderksye Portable Gadget Lamp! Because we genuinely care about you, we've included features such as brightness control and color selection that will make working — anytime, anywhere — even more comfortable on the eyes.


Shop the BT Foldable Pro Board here.

What about a portable keyboard that you can take with you anywhere? Your search ends with the Bluetooth Keyboard Foldable Pro Board! It can be folded up and carried around easily, making it so ideal for travel — or even for those rare work dates out. It has a two-hour charge time and can be used with your laptop or phone for up to 48 hours! There's also an integrated touch pad for those who would like to avoid the hassle of plugging in their mouse.


Shop the Compact BT Keyboard here.

Are you searching the market for a smaller, more basic keyboard? Time to consider our Compact Bluetooth Keyboard. In addition, it is portable and easy to carry around. In terms of functionality, the stand on this device is unbeatable. A two-hour charge can power it for up to 48 hours of use.


Shop the Co2 Monitor here.

Since the coronavirus can spread through the air, carrying a CO2 monitor can help reduce your risk of contracting the disease. There are three levels of alert that corresponds to the carbon dioxide in the room: red (poor), yellow (normal), and green (good) so it's easy to tell if the CO2 level indoors is worrisome or not.


Shop the Back Pillow with Strap here.

Sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time is a challenge we've all faced the past year or two. Similar to what our original back pillow does, the Back Pillow with Strap helps not only support your back, but can be used as a sleep pillow (for front sleepers) and a lap pillow, while the additional strap makes it easy to keep the pillow in place! Nice and cozy, right?

Shop our Extension Cords here.


Keeping all your cords and wires in one place is of high importance! Achieve your organization goals with our Cube Extension! It's extremely light and portable plus there are three USB ports and four regular outlets on this device. A master switch is also included for your protection. Make sure to pack this with you on your trip abroad, as the plug adapter is universal. Amazing, don't you think?

A portable device to connect your phone, laptop, or tablet to — the Type C Extension for the win! High-definition movies and television shows can be viewed on your gadgets with the help of this device that supports 4K resolution. With one USB, one Type C, and two HDMI ports, it has all the ports you will ever need.

Have you yet discovered your new go-to item? Check out Wanderskye if you haven't already to see what else is missing from your collection!