Working as a digital nomad has a number of advantages, including the ability to work from any — and we mean ANY — location.  So what better way to work remotely than to choose the most comfortable settings and the most scenic locations? 

Numerous places have opened their doors to the nomadic community in response to the rise in the number of digital nomads — those who work from home or other remote locations without reporting to a physical office all while still meeting all of their deadlines and goals.

If you're curious about what it's like to be and travel as one, take a look at these digital nomad-approved hot spots on our list!


Of course the Philippines is number 1 on our list! Check out some of the places where you may work and travel as a digital nomad and get ready to be welcomed by its pleasant weather, beautiful sceneries, and welcoming communities. 

It’s also a bonus that Filipinos are fluent in English so it shouldn't be difficult to communicate with them wherever you may be.


Digital nomads love Makati because of the abundance of cafes, hotels, and pubs that can be found just about anywhere. Perfect for digital nomads who would rather live in a city than on a tropical island, but still want a change of scenery every once in a while. We've rounded up a few spots you can check out for your next work-from-anywhere day:


Smelling the aroma of coffee and their best-selling cheesecake while working doesn't sound like a bad idea! They also (usually!) have fast internet speed so ticking off items from your to-do list shouldn't be a problem!


Don't pass up on the opportunity to work in a more relaxing environment. Your creative juices may just been reignited once you've had a taste of their delectable sweets and inventive coffee blends.


In a place with an ocean view, tequila, and nightlife, who wouldn't want to stay? Isn't Boracay the best? You'll also likely run into fellow digital nomads while exploring the neighborhood. This is the place to go to if you're keen on capping the night off with a few drinks and friends after a full day’s work! More of a cup of joe person? Boracay also has Starbucks for you!


Need we say more? Starbucks is one of the most well-known cafés in the Philippines, with a large number of coffee chains and coffeehouses to boost. After all, Starbucks is a household name. They have been a haven for a variety of people, including digital nomads.


La Union — or Elyu for most — is considered by many to be on of the country's most chill and most laid-back location. Many cafes frequented by digital nomads may be found in the city, most of which has internet access and a welcoming atmosphere. One can also enjoy the sand and water in between breaks! Here's a list of some places worth trying:

The Coffee Library

If you like working with coffee, this location will be your go-to in Elyu! Did we mention they offer Vietnamese and Italian cuisine  too? ;)

When you're not working, you can also check out the shelves of books for entertainment or inspiration. It's called "The Coffee Library" for a good reason.


Many of the cafes that digital nomads frequent are just as good as fast-food restaurants like McDonald's. With their stable internet connection and ever reliable food and drinks, they can help you meet your deadlines.


Why not consider a trip to the country's most renowned mountain resort? Try working somewhere new, away from the city life, and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and some peace and quiet. Here are some digital nomad favorites to check out the next time you take a trip up north:  

Calle Uno

Being a digital nomad means getting your work done anytime, anywhere! Calle Uno provides digital nomads a space where they can work and meet fellow travelers — with health protocols in place of course —plus a pantry, limitless coffee, and a variety of other amenities perfect for them!

Cafe By the Ruins

There's also a cafe called Cafe By the Ruins that boasts dependable internet service as well as a homey atmosphere. Not only does it embody the Baguio spirit, but it also serves up some of the best cuisine in the city. 


Nomadic workers now have an easier time setting up shop here. There are a lot of places to work in the heart of the city, and you can even work on the beach. It's possible to combine the two in Cebu! Nomads Space in Cebu City may just be the spot you are waiting for!

Nomads Space

Hostels that have been converted into co-working spaces are just great for digital nomads. Plugging in your laptop or tablet is a cinch, thanks to the abundance of outlets and the speedy wifi connection. They have a limited menu, but at least you can still get something to eat while you get things done!


Thailand has become a popular destination for tourists for its ancient ruins, temples, and tropical beaches as well as its rich culture. Plus the fact that it is inexpensive makes it so simple to live and work remotely in that it attracts digital nomads from all over the world. Their meals are also delicious!


Digital nomads have selected Mexico as one of the finest places to visit in the world because of its rich culture and beautiful beaches. 

There are also numerous places with good internet connection and it's also affordable. Which would you prefer: meeting all of your deadlines while sipping on a Margarita or enjoying the finest cuisine on the beach? In Mexico, you can do all these and more!


It's not hard to imagine working in a country so similar to our own! Indonesia, or Bali in particular, has long been a popular destination for digital nomads.

Also, it is economical and easy to live and work in Indonesia. But keep in mind that due to some restrictions and the pandemic, visas are necessary for entry. 

We hope that this quick tour — albeit virtually — of places you can go to for both work and travel has been interesting and thought-provoking. We hope this information has been useful to you! If you're one of them, or are looking to jump in on the Digital Nomad lifestyle and you've found your way here, then feel free to stroll about our website for whatever else you may need in jumpstarting your Digital Nomad lifestyle.