Valentine's has come and gone. But it doesn't mean that romantic gestures — whether big or small — should stop too! After all, love should be celebrated each and everyday!

So here are a few date ideas to take your romantic escapade up a notch and make it even more memorable with a touch of wanderlust! 

Go for the cheesy candlelit dinner experience by the beach.

If you are both travelers by default or if you are that couple with an adrenalin-pumping type of lifestyle, this experience will provide the calm you both need to intentionally pause and appreciate the moment of basking in each other’s presence in a secluded, candlelit spot adorned with rose petals for a finishing touch, as your tastebuds enjoy local fresh flavors in a natural setting. Truly, a moment for the books.

And of course, don’t forget to pack your trusty set of ‘kinis rfom the Wanderskye x Style Cat collection which is designed to make you feel sexy yet still comfy, just in case you and your SO might spontaneously want to take a quick dip in the beach after dinner. 

Try glamping & star-gazing!

For the more outdoorsy adventurous couples with curious feet, a perfect date would be to disconnect with the city away from the hustle & bustle of the mundane and to fully surrender to nature through a day of trekking and a romantic night of glamping under the stars with no one but the most special person in your life.  

But no one likes waking up to a sore back or a nasty neck pain after a long day of trekking and a whole night of lying down on the ground, so make sure to pack our Memory Foam Neck Pillow which is compact and light to bring around yet essential in getting your much-needed rest.

A Sail-cation! You’ll love it cruising together.

Take the staycation type of date up a notch by doing exactly it but in the middle of a vast breathtaking sea. Claim the vibe of a passionate yet smooth-sailing relationship through a cruise date experience, from snagging some PDA action in the sun deck as the salty wind blows over to relaxing from a couple’s afternoon spa retreat, from watching the sunset while dining by the balcony to spending an intimate night under the stars. 

Capture these memories with fully-charged gadgets. The sockets of cruise ships are always quite unpredictable, so you will be needing to bring with you a Travel Adaptor with 4 USB that’s compatible worldwide as iIt includes a AUS, UK, US and EU plug.

Take a romantic long drive to a fun Music Festival.

Because who doesn’t love enjoying the combo of a good road trip and great music with someone special? This kind of date leans toward the fun and spontaneous side rather than the elegant and heavily-planned out ones, but believe us, this is just as romantic and special as the other! 

Remember to keep hydrated driving throughout the long road trip up until dancing the night away in the music festival. It’s best to keep in handy a water bottle and thanks to the Foldable Bottle Carrier, brining one is more comfortable than ever!

So which of these fun travel-loving date ideas do you lean more towards?

Whichever activities you choose to do for your getaway, always keep in mind that it is not about taking the best vacay selfies or keeping the ‘lewk’ Instagram-worthy—but rather, remember to focus on the one that truly matters—making your quality time with your significant other worthwhile.