Due to another lockdown, going to the gym and engaging in outdoor physical activities have been restricted. However, this is no reason to let up on your fitness and health goals.

Tracking your progress and getting started with your goals is easy with several workout apps available on your smartphone. They're only a few steps away. Thanks to technology, we're able to do so! If you're looking to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle, now is the time, even without leaving your home.

For a healthy and fit lifestyle, here are some of the best fitness apps available today!


You can use this app if you only have a few minutes to spare between your other commitments. All workout routines include video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. It's also completely free! Work out whenever and wherever you want, at home!


In this app, you'll find over 100 workouts designed by Nike's professional trainers. This app is ideal for at-home workouts and can accommodate workouts ranging from bodyweight to full-equipment


A minimum of yoga should be attempted if both internal and external growth are important to you. Exercises for people of all ages are included in this app, which is well-organized and simple to use. Meanwhile, you can meditate as you listen to calming and relaxing music.


You're trying to lose weight, aren't you? Want to tone up those six packs or muscles, or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle? There's no better app than this one. Monitoring everything allows you to determine what else needs improvement, even at home. A guide and a list of recommended foods are also available on their website.



You can work out to your heart's content with this app. Motivate yourself to exercise, eat healthily, and maintain a strict diet by using this tool.

I hope this article has helped you find the best workout app for you! A gentle reminder that you can still wear your face masks and it is recommended that you do so while exercising.

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Lastly, Wanderskye is releasing Wanderactive, a video series designed to keep you active and moving during lockdown! Please look forward to it and let's stay in shape together even at home!