Upcycled Luggage Covers into Face Masks


 Face Masks for Donation 


Dear Wanderers,

During these trying times, we would like to request for your utmost patience and understanding. Most industries have been trying their best to adapt and adjust with the current situation due to social distancing brought by COVID-19. Being in the travel and retail industry has been difficult during this time. Please know that our topmost priority is the safety and healthy of all the people, including our employees, partners and customers.

We are trying our best to be as sensitive and mindful with the situation while at the same time, considering the future of our company and all the employees and their families. With the directive from the government, we have closed all our terminals but this web shop is open so you can still shop for your everyday and future travel essentials. Shipping is postponed until quarantine is lifted.

We are also glad to report that we have upcycled our Luggage Covers into Face Masks and have donated these to the homeless children under Child Hope Foundation. With this and our other donations, we promise to continue to donate to the frontliners, homeless and to the people who need help the most.

Let's stay home and give a helping hand so we can all travel later.


For your everyday and one-of-a-kind journeys,