Name it!

How to add TEXT to your Wanderskye Luggage Cover:

Add your name (or any text) to any of your ordered Wanderskye Luggage Covers and transform it into your own Personalized Travel Accessory! 



1. Choose your wanderskye luggage cover an click "Add to Cart"

2. Look for "Name it!" product under "Customize" and click it.

3. Click the drop down buttons for the following:

- Number of characters you would want to put on your luggage cover.

- Color of your text

*Take note of the FONT style you'd like to use. You'll need this upon checkout.

4. Click "Add to Cart" for every name per luggage cover your ordered.

5. When you are ready to finalize your order, click "Show Cart" or the shopping cart basket on the top portion of the website.

6. Once in the Cart page, review your order and click the "Order Note".

7. In the "Order Note", do the following to each design with Name it!:

- write the Design Name, Size, Font and the Text you want to put, location of text

- make sure that you type exactly the way you want us to print it. If you want ALL CAPS, write in all caps, if you want small letters, write in small letters.

- write your preferred location of the text. Top, Middle or Bottom. Location of the text is ALWAYS on the bottom unless otherwise specified in the order note.

8. Click "Checkout" and follow the instructions :)


For example:

If you ordered 1 Para Diyan Medium and 1 Great Inventions Small, and you would like to avail of the Name it! feature, do the following:

1. Choose number of characters, color and font for 1 Para Diyan Medium. Then click "Add to Cart"

2. Then choose number of characters, color and font for Great Inventions Small. Then click "Add to Cart"

3. When you are ready to finalize your order, click Show Cart or the Shopping Cart icon on top of the page.

4. Write on the Order Note area the following:

Para Diyan, Medium, Pacifico, Bianca, Bottom

Great Inventions, Small, Great Vibes, MIKEL, Top


Name it! order cut off - Every Monday 8:00am and Thursday 8:00am


*Already have a Wanderskye luggage cover and want to avail Name it!? Don't fret! We can still do this for you! Contact us at or 09153366959 :)