Uncommon Ground: 8 Unusual Destinations for 2018

Is it really February already? Don’t worry—it's never too late to put together your bucket list of destinations. From castles, to caves, to majestic waves, here's our list of amazing places and exciting things to do that are off the beaten path this 2018.


Immerse in history in Bled Island and Castle, Slovenia

 Bled Island and Castle Slovenia

Formerly a health resort for aristocrats, today's Bled Lake is a major tourist attraction. Right in the middle of it is Bled Island where the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church was built in the 17th century, while the awe-inspiring Bled Castle overlooks it from a cliff at the edge of the lake.


Be swept off your feet in Havana, Cuba

 Havana Cuba

If you haven't had enough of Camila Cabello's 2017 hit 'Havana', then book a trip to Cuba's capital. With Spanish colonial architecture, mid-20th century American cars, and plenty of character in its people and streets, you'll definitely leave half of your heart in this romantic city in the Caribbean.


Experience the Trout Festival in Pyeongchang, South Korea


Brave the cold in Pyeongchang's winter wonderland during its Trout Festival and join in a myriad of fun activities such as ice and lure fishing for trout, traditional folk games, and ice skating.


Spend the night in Laos' Forest Canopy


While Laos has a lot to offer when it comes to food and unspoiled landscapes, one of its major attractions is its forest canopy near Huay Xai. Enjoy an expansive view of the jungle below from your own tree hut, and you might also get the chance to see the fabled black crested gibbon.


Explore Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv’s Old Jaffa district is a must-visit if you want food, shopping, architecture, and history packed in one area. That’s because its narrow alleys lead you to diverse adventures to places like the Clock Tower, Al-Bahr Mosque, the flea market, and the restaurants within Jaffa Port.


Drive along the stretch of Big Sur, California


The famed 17-Mile Drive takes you on a scenic ride along the Pacific, plus views of fabulous houses and golf courses, as well as lots of great eats to choose from like Roy’s Restaurant at the Inn at Spanish Bay. Keep in mind though that there’s a toll fee per car when you drive through this route.


Get some Vitamin Sea in Manjuyod


From overseas, let’s add some local flavor to our bucket list. Located in Bais City in Negros Oriental, Manjuyod treats you to a vast expanse of emerald waters where you can go dolphin watching, sport fishing, or laze the day away in your own private cottage. Some dub it as the ‘Maldives of the Philippines’ but Manjuyod has a beauty all its own.


Go underground in Cantabon Cave, Siquijor


Feeling adventurous? Take a journey to the center of the earth by spelunking inside Siquijor’s Cantabon Cave. It’s an 800-meter trip below ground where you’ll find out-of-this-world rock formations and pristine natural pools. But be warned—it’s not for the faint of heart!


What’s your pick?


Whether you want a place steeped in history or pass the time on a hammock in the tropics, let your inner wanderlust guide you and pack stuff that’s designed for your journey. So what’s your top destination in our bucket list? Share your thoughts below!

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