While showing our fathers (and father figures) all the love should be done on the daily, the upcoming celebration that honors them — or Father's Day — is definitely worth celebrating. Now more than ever, it is important to spend some quality time with them and shower them with all the TLC we can. 

There aren't many special occasions when we get to show our appreciation for them and express our gratitude so, whatever you decide to do, be sure to make them feel extra special!

For those who have not yet figured out how to celebrate their Father, a thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to show how much you care for them.

Here is a list of Father's Day gift ideas perfect for legendary dads!

  • RFID Neck Wallet
  • It's a simple fact of life for men: they don't like to carry too many things.

    So an RFID Neck Wallet for our fathers will be a useful tool they can bring with them. With this, they can carry their ATM cards, cash, and other little trinkets with them at all times in the most convenient and stylish manner.

  • Weekend Bag
  • Wouldn't it be nice to get a Weekend Bag for our hardworking dad? It fits perfectly to whatever he needs — whether he wants to appear casual, professional, or just use it as an everyday bag. Plus points: it's stylish so he can also bring it to work or on his travels!

  • Collapsible Cup
  • For the dads who enjoy sports and staying active, you can never go wrong with this Collapsible CupTravel-friendly, our Collapsible cup can hold both hot and cold liquids and is small and light enough to carry with him while hiking, biking, or running.

  • Portable Gadget Lamp

  • Taking care of Dad's eyesight is a priority, and while we can't stop him from working late hours or spending time in front of his computer or laptop at night, the portable gadget lamp is a helpful addition to his space to help prevent straining his eyes!

  • Wandpen

  • The Wandpen is unique as it doubles as a phone stand and a pen! It also comes with a built-in stylus for the tech-savvy. We know a father who won't leave the house without his trusty pen so this definitely will come in handy! 

  • Gadget Cleaning Pen

    Is he a clean freak who can't go a day without cleaning his electronic devices like his phone and earbuds? We've got something for him! Make sure to get him a handy gadget cleaning pen that can get rid of the littlest dirt and grime while also being easy to use.

  • Back Pillow

  • For his comfort at work or while relaxing in front of his desk, best to surprise him with a back pillow. Fathers grow old too and giving them the support they need will help tons!

  •  TSA Combination Lock

    Whenever you and your family go on a trip, does your father take extra precautions to make sure that your belongings are well protected and undamaged? That's where our TSA lock comes in handy.!

    As Father's Day nears, we hope you remember that when it comes to gifting, it's the thought that counts. So make sure to choose one you know your Dad will love and benefit from. 

    What gift are you surprising Dad with this Father's Day, Wanderer? 

    Check out our website for more information and plan a special surprise for him on his special day. Wanderskye: Essentials that go with you on any journey