Have you ever tried hitting the road only to find that something is missing when you arrive at your destination?

Preparing a packing list should be a priority, especially if you are planning a trip. It will not only help you avoid the stresses that will inevitably arise, but it will also make your trip go more smoothly. 

Wanderskye is here to lend you a helping hand and we've created a checklist to help you decide what to bring with you when you travel.


You can store items such as dirty clothes and items that are rarely used in a Space Saver Compression Bag because they take up less space and do not make your bags bulky. 


Why is it a good idea to buy a luggage cover? It will protect your bag from scratches, make it easier to find your luggage, and keep your suitcase dust-free in between trips. We also have a large selection of designs that will suit your preferences!


Because backpacks are more portable than suitcases! You can easily transport them to airports, hiking trails, and cafes while carrying your laptop. 

Our Brave Adventure Backpack can carry up to 20kg and has a USB port so you can charge your phone on the go! And, if you're going on a rollaway, avoid the dilemma of deciding which bag to bring.


Our reusable Clean Zip Pouch can be used to store any items (food and non-food) and is a great space-saver wherever you put it – the kitchen, fridge, dresser or even in your bag.

This pouch is made with 100% pure silicone. It is reusable, and is eco-friendly which makes it so much better than any plastic zip bags. You can just sanitize it and it's good to go!


We understand that you can't help but nod off, especially when you're on a long flight and your neck is in need of support. With Wanderskye's Compact Pillow, you'll be able to sleep better! It's made of high-quality memory foam that contours to the shape of your neck. When it's not in use, it can be secured with a buckle. 


Don't know where to put your travel necessities? Here's a multi-purpose organizer to keep your items neatly stored and organized. It is durable with garterized holders and multiple compartments. Save yourself the stress of having to find your important items by keeping them cluttered.


Our RFID Passport Cover can hold your passport as well as other important items like credit cards, pens, and boarding passes! It's sleek and stylish, and it's equipped with RFID blocking for worry-free travel.

Before you leave, make sure to go over your list to ensure you have everything you need. It will make your journey more bearable and enjoyable! Wanderskye has more to add to the list! Visit our page to help yourself and check out more travel essentials. We enjoy assisting our Wanderers! wanderskye.com