While we love everything from Wanderskye, we can't lie – we absolutely have a few favorites when it comes to travel and everyday essentials!

Wanderskye carries a number of essentials for your every need, but for this blog, we are spilling the favorites of the team!

Vanya Tantoco, Digital Marketing Strategist for Wanderskye, absolutely loves the Toiletry Bag since it is a versatile bag that can be used by individuals as well as by families and can hold all of the basics you will need while on the go. As a Digital Nomad, the Gadget Cleaning Pen is another favorite!

Wanderskye's Social Media Manager Elaine Vergara can't leave the house without her sanitizer, so she loves her Earth Mist Sprayer and Clean ClipIt always comes in handy and extra beneficial when you're out in the open. Additionally, the sanitizer has a pleasant scent, and the pen doubles as a stylus too!

Digital creator and resident Tiktoker Ianne Lopez finds the Cube Extension the most useful for a person (like her!) who works simultaneously on her different gadgets such as her laptop and iPad that may need extra power. 

Mom and Inventory Officer Ednalyn Reyes has her heart on the Foldable Bottle CarrierIf you're going to the mall with your kids, this is extremely handy for moms. It's even better when you're traveling. When you have this, carrying bottled water is a breeze.

Warehouse officer for Wanderskye Novie Balubar's must-have item for a more enjoyable, relaxed, and stress-free trip is the Compact Neck Pillow!

The Laptop Sleeve with Stand is one of Wanderskye's very are sleek and sophisticated products and also among the most popular items in the market today. Ally Tumaque, Product Development Officer, also considers this her favorite as a person who is on the go but needs her laptop handy! The multi-Purpose Organizer comes second on her list!

Abby Kalayag from Wanderskye's Digital Marketing team raves about the R2R x Wanderskye Organizer. With its cute colorway and unique weaved-like pattern plus spacious compartments, it definitely is an essential any Digital Nomad would find useful!

Is any of your Wanderskye favorites on the list too? For all of your daily needs, you can stop by any of our terminals or visit our website