Coping with Post-Election Anxiety

Almost a month after the Philippine elections, people are still discussing everything that transpired. From faulty machines to election results, most of us have dealt with enormous stress, especially now that we are exposed to social media where people are freely expressing different opinions and perspectives on these matters.

With this and the pandemic still present, we are more vulnerable than ever to anxiety and distress. Thankfully, over the years, people have been more vocal about wanting to take care of their mental health above all, so talking about anxiety and other emotional difficulties is no longer taboo — including those that have been brought about by current affairs.

So, how do we deal with post-election jitters? Here are simple and easy steps you can take to help you cope.

Go on a social media detox.

We are all aware that social media has become one of the most popular channels for expressing ourselves, our thoughts, and our insights openly and freely. While people naturally have varying opinions, we sometimes stress over those who do not share the same perspective as ours which can often affect our mental health.

Getting off of social media is often one of the greatest ways to deal with anxiety and stress. Deactivating your account is one way to go about it if you’re not yet prepared to get off the social media grid permanently.

Stay away from social media for a bit and observe how it affects your daily life.

Limit yourself to the news.

Being in the know and cognizant of what is going on in the world is important, but taking a break from listening to the news is not bad as well. Make sure to listen to trusted and credible sources, and if you’re feeling agitated more than usual, minimize your exposure to election-related news or other topics that may trigger your anxiety.

Keep yourself busy.

Keeping yourself busy with work and education can be useful. You can still spend an hour or two listening to the news or reading articles about current affairs on the daily, but spend most of your time focusing on something else like your school assignment or upcoming deadlines.

You can also keep yourself busy with hobbies. You can relieve tension by writing, painting, drawing, recording a mini-vlog, or even learning a new skill!

Go on a trip.

Nothing says relaxing more than a change of scenery. Take a break from all the noise and spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones for a recharge, so you can come back as a stronger, and healthier version of yourself — both in person and virtually.

Move forward. But be vigilant.

There is nowhere else to go but forward, especially for us Filipinos. The best way to deal with this is to just keep going, no matter how hard, while also staying observant and taking part in future conversations that can help shape the country for the better. 

With all the chaos and noise present in both the offline and online worlds, prioritizing yourself, including your mental wellness, is important so you can keep wandering out and about.

Stay safe, Wanderer!