Several businesses appear to be resuming the practice of requiring employees to report to work. It may have been to benefit their clients, stay afloat, or contribute to the recovery of the economy. COVID-19 has brought about enormous changes, thus it won't be an easy road ahead.

Returning to the office after years of doing almost everything from the comfort of our own homes may be a bit daunting for some — especially for workers. Even in the face of the coronavirus threat, employees must now commute and interact with more people than usual.

This is why we've compiled a checklist of return to work must-haves to ensure your safety and security.

Putting on a face mask

Whenever you're out and about and coming into contact with other people, keep your nose covered by wearing a face mask to prevent inhalation of minute particles and unknown liquids. You can be protected, but so can those around you!

Keeping your face masks safe with a case

Face masks, as we all know, are prone to contamination, especially if they are not properly cared for.  Make use of a case to store them instead of leaving them on your desk or in your pockets when you take a break to consume food or drink.

Disinfect your own workstation

It's vital that you disinfect your work area on a regular basis to keep it free of dust and germs. Using sanitizing mists will make your work easier and worry-free! All of the items on your desk should be well cleaned both before and after you touch them! Don’t forget to sanitize your hands as well. 

Making indirect contact with surfaces by using touchless hand extension

We understand the fear of having to use elevator buttons, vending machines, and even ATM machines. Hence, a touchless hand extension is our recommendation for you. You no longer have to come into contact with potentially harmful materials.

Using a seat cushion in public transportations

A seat protector makes it possible to ride public transportation, such as grab cars, buses, taxis, or trains, without fear. It's a little, disposable item that can be used again or thrown away after it has served its purpose. Because we can't always detect someone's cleanliness level when we're out and about, take extra precautions to keep yourself safe.

A higher standard of office cleanliness should be implemented, together with new safety standards, rules and regulations, so that employees won't have to worry about returning to work, and virus spread may be prevented. 

As you can see, it's not going to be easy, but it's also not impossible either. Employers and employees must collaborate to create a more favorable and secure working environment.

Have you given any thought to coming up with your own list? Thank you for reading, and we hope this has been helpful. Visit our website for more everyday essentials! Wanderskye