Experience Local: 5 Filipino Delights To Try

For our friends from other cultures, it just would not be right to pay a visit to the Philippines and not eat at least a few of the country's famous dishes and delicacies, such as the mouthwatering snacks that have become the locals' signature delights.

So if you find yourself in the Philippines at any point in your life, or are a Filipino just craving something very Pinoy to eat, you owe it to yourself to try some of the regional delicacies that are famous all around the nation. If you don't, your trip won't be as fun or fulfilling as it could be — trust us! 😉

Ready your pen and paper and take note of these five must-try Philippine delights!

P.S. Try not to drool why you do so! 


A breakfast favorite, Suman is the finest served with brown sugar or latik, a sweetened concoction of glutinous rice and coconut milk. It also comes wrapped in a wide variety of materials like coconut, banana, or palm leaves so you'll have to unravel the delicacy with your bare hands — another unique part of the Filipino culture!

Buko Pie

The Buko Pie is another Filipino favorite! It is a baked custard pie with coconut filling, and it's neither overly sweet nor tasteless. You'll find even its crust delectable and filled with flavors. The city of Laguna has the most delectable flavors!

Cassava Cake

A classic and delicious cake that is made of grated cassava, coconut milk, and a layer of custard, the Cassava Cake goes wonderfully with a cup of coffee on a warm, cozy afternoon. The Spanish brought cassava to the Philippines, but it quickly became popular and is now thought of as a classic dessert.


Bibingka is another traditional rice cake that is baked after being cooked in terracotta and banana leaves. It is at its most popular during the holidays, and the best times to eat it are for breakfast and as a snack. They come in either solo sizes or good for sharing platters!


Puto is basically ground rice that has been steamed in a cup, hence its shape, and can be enjoyed on its own. It also goes well with another Filipino favorite Diniguan and is sometimes flavored with cheese and Ube, making it a versatile delicacy. It's ideal for parties and other social gatherings.

So on your next trip to the Philippines, don't skip out on indulging in these local delicacies we swear by! There are even more specialties that are unique to the Philippines out there, and if you want to get the most out of your experience of Filipino culture, we strongly recommend that you taste them all!

What delicacy are you excited to try, Wanderer?