When it comes to travel, having the right luggage size is crucial. The Explora Easy luggage from Wanderskye offers a range of options to suit your needs —  available in Medium and Extra Small sizes! With its front-open design and sleek features, these suitcases are designed to make your travels hassle-free. 

Here's a quick guide to help you choose the perfect size for your next adventure:

Consider Trip Duration

The duration of your trip plays a vital role in determining the size of your luggage. For a weekend getaway, the Explora Easy in Extra Small could be your ideal choice. It's compact and fits within airline cabin size restrictions and can also easily fit your car's trunk if you're up for a road trip.

Carry-On Convenience

If you prefer traveling light and want to avoid waiting at baggage claim but still prefer a carry-on with more space, the Explora Small would be your ideal choice. It's great for short trips and ensures your essentials stay with you throughout your journey.

Pack Light or Pack It All?

Do you usually travel light or bring back souvenirs from trips? Choose a size that aligns with your preferences. With the range of sizes available, Explora Easy in Small or Medium can provide a bit more room for those extra outfits and essentials, making it great for longer trips, while the Explora Easy in Extra Small proves useful for those who only like to carry their essentials. 

For a Business Travel

For business travelers, the Explora Easy in Medium might be perfect. It is compact enough for business trips while still offering compartments for keeping work essentials organized. Its front-open design offers padded protection for your laptop or tablet and enhances accessibility, making it easy to retrieve items when needed.

Remember, the right luggage size can enhance your travel experience by offering convenience and organization. Each size has its own benefits, so whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist packer, Wanderskye's Explora Easy has a size that suits you perfectly.

Explore the range of the Explora Easy options from Wanderskye and choose the size that best suits your journey ahead.