The coronavirus pandemic and its catastrophic consequences have taken a heavy toll on our day-to-day living. While many of us can carry out our jobs from a safe place, frontline workers, such as those in retail and healthcare, are forced to risk their health to keep the rest of us safe.

However, the most affected and susceptible to COVID-19 are the frontliners, as they continue to ensure other people's safety more than their own.

The frontliners are our today’s heroes. Their dedication in protecting the nation and its people is incomparable. While the country moves at a slow pace, with most of us finding ways to help, it is the front liners who do more and never concede.

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Meet Iska, an ICU bedside nurse. She is responsible for ensuring that every patient tested negative for COVID-19 before being admitted to the hospital in order to avoid a possible spread of the virus in non-COVID wards. When asked about the difference between working today versus pre-COVID days, she said "Each nurse has a designated phone unit to inform the patients' whereabouts to the relatives, what the patients will need, and ask for their consent." This is one of the protocols to follow today against COVID-19, including wearing PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, which is crucial to her job. “In order to keep me protected, I also wear the Wanderskye’s Earth Mist Sprayer and Clean Clip around me given that we have to disinfect our unit phone from time to time. It’s also convenient that I have availed the WandPen so I won’t need to borrow from my colleagues.

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Similar to Iska’s situation, Ace Lara, an ICU nurse, is also responsible for maintaining the safety standard. “Wearing a face mask and face shield every time you go out is a must. Practice social distancing and also always wash your hands for protection.” he advised. He also carries his own safety equipment with him all the time. “And to keep my face masks clean, I have Wanderskye’s mask case.


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Better days seem implausible, but that doesn’t stop us from moving forward. Financial sectors, such as banks, have somehow rearranged and adapted to the situation in order to follow suit. Belonging to a non-health setting, banking days have been reduced to allot more time to disinfect. “Before the pandemic, I used to work from 9am to 6pm. Now, I only work for five hours” said Erika Arellano, who has been working in the banking industry for four years. What helps them fight the danger brought by the virus are the health supplements provided to them. She also uses Wanderskye’s Atmos Purifier and Copper Knit Mask at her workplace. “The purifier is very handy and can clear the air, and I also use the knit mask to support another face mask like the surgical kind for double protection.”

 While we are all expected to stay at home, these people make sure that if we need to go out they are there to help us get through.