This stay-at-home gaming is starting to feel like forever. What we can do and enjoy in the outside world has been limited, and I know it can get frustrating at times. After all, who doesn't want all of this to be over, right?


Last year was nuts and so is today. Still, there are ways to make peace with the same four walls of your room.



Reconnect with your inner-self by taking care of your body and mental health. Attend online yoga classes or try some workout routines that are available on Youtube. There is just too much negativity going on in our lives. You don’t need that kind of energy! Use this time to prioritize yourself and do what’s best for you.

(Watch this ten minute video of morning yoga full body stretch

Resonate Community -

Align & Refine Yoga -



With all the streaming services available today, you can easily access and binge-watch almost any Korean, action, romance, or thriller series and movies that you can think of. Try watching that movie that you've always wanted to see but never did. Or, simply turn your k-drama mode on because, well, why not?

Enjoy the best movies or series like Vincenzo, Girl From Nowhere and Grey’s Anatomy in the comfort of your home and visit Netflix or Korean Dramas - Viu.




They say, there’s always a song that could best describe your feelings and we couldn’t agree more!

Whether you're in for some slow music to relax or just want to express your happiness with something more upbeat, you can just go through your phone and select. There’s just no way you can go a day without music! Go ahead and have a blast-full day!

Put this playlist on and feel empowered:




We all have that innate skill in us, that 1.) you might not have discovered yet 2.) only you are aware of. 

This time, not only do we think of ways to help the people around us but also to get to know ourselves more. You see, you'll never know what you are truly capable of until the going gets tough. Now is the time to discover what you got in you! Some have found theirs already: painting, singing, baking, fashion designing, and more! Liberate yourself, push your boundaries and show the world what you got!

You may check some activities that you can try or get inspiration from the links below:                                                                                                                       
WORKSHOPS - (if you have a thing for photography)
The Aswang Project (@theaswangproject) • Instagram photos and … (is sharing a Filipino mythologies and folklore compilation for the kids’ learning).
Katha Workshop (workshops on soy candle making, coffee brewing basic, basic woodworkin and more)


Now these are some of the ways to keep your mind off the crazy time. Build an incredible new habits, and watch how they can change your life!