Personalise your Passport Cover, Family Passport Cover and Bag tag for FREE!

Personalise your Passport Cover, Family Passport Cover and Bag tag for FREE!

Our Manifesto


Creating smart travel essentials that pave the way for priceless travel memories, milestones and moments. Your journey is more than just about getting from point A to point B. It is a series of experiences — small and monumental —  that forever change the way we see the world.





Why we exist

We take inspiration from the countless memories, milestones and moments that travel brings into a life. Your journey is not just about a destination. It is a culmination of experiences. It is a sensorial journey that reveal new sights, flavors, aromas. And we want you to experience all of these moments to the fullest and that’s why we exist.




















How do we do it

We keep every traveler’s need in mind and endeavor to provide products that are can add value to travel experience. Functional, practical, efficient and smart. These are cornerstones that inform how we curate our product range. We offer travel essentials that ensure a hassle and worry-free journey.







This is us.





 We help ELEVATE travel into an ARTFORM.

You are the artist. The world is your canvas. And we are your tools for creating a masterpiece. Travelers are unique and each has a distinctive way of painting their journeys. Regardless of horizon or color palette or medium, Wanderskye is there to make every trip a masterpiece.












The product

Our products are crafted and curated in anticipation of all possible travel concerns and needs so that you can fully immerse in creating memories, moments and milestones.










We are INSPIRED by FUNCTION for a FUN travel experience.

Our products are thoughtfully designed to addresses the various needs of the modern traveler so that they can fully enjoy and immerse in new destinations. More than addressing your basic travel essential, we anticipate what travelers might need or be concerned about so that there are no delays where fun is concerned.





When we make travel essential, we have your overall travel experience in mind. For us, products are made so that you can create memories, toast to milestones, appreciate the people you’re with and get lost in the sensorial treats of every destination.


































































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